Why should I choose an ADVISER?

We call it Solid Advice; Fluid Thinking!

We provide objective and independent advice to individuals, families, tailored to meet your specific credit needs.

We will help you to build your credit back up, build your knowledge about credit, protect it, and achieve your goals.

No matter what your credit concern or complexity, our team of advisers can provide the advice and guidance across your entire affairs.

Private Client Services

Technology combined with Education!


Knowledge based software designed specifically to assist in the building of personal credit and wealth. 24/7 secure access with PC, Tablet, Phone to communicate with Advisers.


In addition you will receive a detailed "Goal-Plan" including Tasks, Workshop Classes & Videos, Live Support and final step of guiding you on negotiation of problem accounts.

Modules Offered

The reason that 95% won't achieve their financial ambitions is that they don't know how and they don't know why.

Your reason "Why" can become the catalyst to get the whole process started.

We want to understand you're "Why" so we can help you by providing the knowledge and tools needed as long as you provide a strong enough motivation.

Connect, educate, take action and gain support using specialized Modules designed for resolution.


Cost: No Charge

Asessment of credit, savings, debt, income, cash, wealth and insurance; Defining modules needed for long and short term.

Personnel Credit

Cost: $500

Analyzing existing credit, building a plan to improve, disputing credit report, comparing results of dispute, building and restoring credit.

Debt Settlement

Cost: $500

Negotiation with debt collectors starting at 25% of original amount owed and building a plan to save for settlement.

Emergency Savings

Cost: $250

48% of people cannot handle an unexpected expense of $400; a Goal Plan designed to resolve without changing your income.


Cost: $500

Education on what it takes to qualify, requirements, maintain the cost of a home, PITI, MI, DTI, shopping for rates to closing.


Cost: $250

The pros and cons of chapters 7 and 13; which ones you can apply for, the requirements of each and what it takes to complete.

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Personal Credit


  • Consultation with your credit expert adviser
  • Software will do the actual disputing of your credit file that will detect, correct and or delete inaccurate items
  • To define your hopes and dreams we use an online fact finder. We will study your information to conclude a path to success

Credit Module

  • A tailor made detailed Goal Plan creating Task and daily To-Do-Lists you will need to do
  • Throughout the process (up to 120 days) educating you on how credit works with our workshops
  • Negotiating verified owed debt needed to be paid or settled at a discount for adverse accounts
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